How Do I Register?

The easiest way to register is online by clicking the registration link on the ESC website. There are several programs. Carefully select the link for your program. [Recreation, Academy, Teams 4 Tots, Adult, TOPSoccer] During the 3 posted Walk-In dates, you can also register at Soccer USA at 1279 W. Danforth in Edmond. Registration is open when the links are visible on the Home page.

How Much is Registration?

Registration is $95 each season for Recreational players, U5-U19. U4 player registration is only $55 and only available in the Spring. A $20 late fee is added after July 22, 2013. Early Academy Registration is $145. A $20 late fee is added after August 5. 2013. Competitive Registration is set by the Competitive League each season. Adult Registration is $80. TOPSoccer registration is only $25.

What Does my Registration Pay For - When are the 2 soccer seasons?

Registration pays for 8 Rec or Academy games and practices, and a limited group insurance. Registration also pays for all club services including field maintenance, concessions, websites, communications, and club management. Fall Season begins right after Labor Day. Spring Season begins typically on the first weekend in March. U4/U5/U6 players receive free 1st season T-Shirts and post-season medals.

What about Birth Certificates?  When are they required – Where do I send a copy?

When a player is “New” to ESC or to GotSoccer,  the online player management system, a copy of the birth certificate must be sent to the club Registrar, Pat Morgan at the following address: 

Pat Morgan c/o ESC, PO Box 955 Edmond, OK 73083

Do I have to purchase anything else? How much, and, what does it include?

Players must have an age-appropriate ball; wear shin guards and Official ESC uniform for your division and age group. These items may be purchased at Soccer USA. Prices vary depending on the division and age of the player.

Where do I get the uniforms? Can we buy different uniforms?

Uniforms may be purchased at Soccer USA at 1279 W. Danforth in Edmond . All ESC players must wear ESC approved uniforms. U4/U5/U6 players receive a free T-Shirt on their first sign up at ESC and receive them at the coach's meeting.

How and When do I find out what team my child is on?

Coaches receive their teams from the Age-Group coordinators at the Coaches Meeting. Coaches will begin contacting their players shortly thereafter, prior to the season start.

Can I coach? If so, what are the requirements? Are there coaching courses available?

ESC frequently needs new coaches. Coaches must have a player currently registered in the club. Coaching education is offered weekly during the season by ESC’s Technical Directors of Instruction at the ESC Soccer Center. OSA Coaching courses are offered throughout the year and often hosted by ESC. Indicate your willingness to coach your player's team on the player registration form. Contact age group coordinators if you would like to coach.

Can I request to play with my child’s friends?

Yes. Include your request on the registration form. There is no guarantee of specific team placement. Late registration limits the chance of receiving your request. Some teams are formed before coming to ESC. Coaches should contact the age-group coordinator and all players should indicate their team preference or named coach when registering. Team changes are subject to ESC team formation guidelines.

What is the Academy? How much does it cost?

The ESC Academy Outdoor Program allows recreational players in the U7, U8, U9, and U10 age groups to practice and play with players of like ability. This program was put in place to allow players to be challenged according to their abilities and to help them develop as a soccer player. Early registration is $145, and $165 after August 5.

What is the Center of Excellence? How much does it cost?

The COE is a training program offered by the Edmond Soccer Club to enhance the development of soccer skills in an environment that is both challenging and fun. The COE is also an opportunity for ESC members to become better soccer players through the direction of professional trainers.

What is the Soccer Center?

The Soccer Center is a seasonal program which has an ESC staff coach come to work with your team for one training session during the season.  This session is free of charge.  Feel free to contact the Technical Director of Coaching, James Soesbee to set up a time to work a session with you and your team.  There are a limited number of available coaches in the Soccer Center. Arrange for your session soon after the start of your season.

Who runs the Edmond Soccer Club?

ESC is organized entirely by parents. As the parent of a child playing on an ESC team, you are entitled to vote for and serve on the board of directors. Board information and a list of the board of directors is available from a Home page link. As a not-for-profit organization, ESC is dependent upon volunteers such as you. ESC needs your help with fund raising, concession stands, and tournaments. Please volunteer by contacting the ESC General Manager, Parris Sanders at gm@edmondsoccer.com .

Who are the board members? How do I become one?

Board members are volunteer parents of players. Each season, Board positions become open as terms of service expire. Most board positions are limited to two years service.

Does the club have a main point of contact?

For team related issues, Contact your Age Group Coordinator first. For coaching issues, Contact the Technical Director James Soesbee. The club General Manager is the main point of contact. Click here to email the ESC General Manager. Age Group Coordinators are the point of contact for Rec issues related to teams, coaches, and games during the season.

Does the club need volunteers?

ESC functions by employing volunteers. Teams need managers and fundraisers. The concession stand is staffed by volunteers. ESC hosts tournaments that are staffed by volunteers. ESC offers community service opportunities to those who need to satisfy court service obligations. Click here to email the ESC General Manager

How can I become a club Sponsor?

Ask for information about our sponsorship package. Click here to email the General Manager.

Is the club a non-profit organization?

ESC is a 501(c)3 corporation.

What if I want to practice at the complex?

Field assignments are extremely limited at the complex due to the large number of teams in our club. Most teams will find a space at someone's home or in one of the many public parks in Edmond. Other teams will practice at a school or church lot with permission. Teams may request a field to practice for a fee. Field Usage for practice and fees are covered here.


Why do some teams practice at the complex while other teams cannot?

Practice space is available to teams that submit a seasonal field usage form and pay the field usage fee.

Are there any items or practices that are prohibited at the soccer complex?

Prohibited Items: For safety reasons, prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol, drugs, illegal substances or any paraphernalia associated with drug use
  • Bottles or glass containers
  • Fireworks
  • Electronic Noisemakers or air horns
  • 'Open Carry' of firearms is discouraged
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by the Edmond Soccer Club board
  • Each coach or referee over the age of 18 must submit an OSA background check prior to contact with any player.

How do I reschedule a game if it is rained out?

Complete and submit the online Reschedule Form found at the ESC website. Rescheduled games are posted online on the posted game schedule.

What is OSA?

Oklahoma Soccer Association is the governing body for soccer throughout Oklahoma.

What is Frontier Country?

Frontier Country Soccer Association is the local governing body for the middle and western area of Oklahoma.

What is ODP?

The US YOUTH SOCCER Olympic Development Program or ODP as it is more commonly called is a national identification and development program for high-level players. The program identifies and develops youth players throughout the country to represent their state association, region and the United States in soccer competition.

What is the difference between Competitive and Recreational Soccer?

Recreational teams are formed to provide players the opportunity to play soccer in a Recreational league. There are no training fees, signup is all that is required for placement, and players who come to practices and follow a few basic team rules play at least 50% of each game. Coaches are usually volunteer parents. Competitive teams are formed by tryouts and professional coaches are paid a monthly training fee.

Does the Edmond Soccer Club offer camps? When are they held and what do they cost?

ESC offers summer camps for Rec and Competitive players, strikers, and goalkeepers. Pre-tryout camps are held for competitive players in June each year. Register for camps on the club website in early summer.

How do I become a referee?

OSA offers new referee clinics hosted by local clubs throughout the year. Locate a schedule of clinics at the OSA website. Log onto the ESC website’s “Referee” Link for dates and information about ESC hosted referee clinics.

Where can I find the rules for the different age groups?

Log onto the ESC website’s “Rules” Link for age specific rules.

Where can I find the most up-to-date information about the club?

The best place to find club information is here, on the club website. Start with the main page.

Where do I find out if games are cancelled because of rain? What about if the complex is open or closed?

The ESC Web site posts a “Complex Status” link on the Home Page.  Red means closed, Green means open.  "Follow us" onTtwitter @EdmondSoccer for instant updates to your cellphone.  “Like Us” on Facebook at ‘Edmond Soccer Club’ for club messages.  Call us at 348-BALL (2255) to hear voice messages on complex status. Sign up for eSTATUS messages to your cellphone on our website.  Check the home page. Coaches must verify game schedules and contact opponents on game day.

Can I hire someone to coach/train my recreational team?

ESC Recreational teams must not employ paid trainers. Coaches may attend the Soccer Center to receive coaching instruction from professional trainers.

Who handles complaints?

Complaints are quickly handled by the board Member Age Group Coordinator that oversees the area that is having the problem. Log onto the "Board/Coordinators" link located on the club website. General complaints should be directed to the General Manager.

Who handles Fund-raising?

Team fund-raising is handled by each team individually. Club fundraising proposals should be sent to the General Manager.

What is the club phone number? What is the club’s mailing address?

The club Phone number is 405.348.BALL. Mail should be sent to:


P.O. BOX 955

EDMOND, OK, 73083

Where can I find a map of the complex?

Log onto the “Maps and Directions” link located on the left navigation bar on the website to download a map.

Who takes team photos?

The club’s Sponsor Photographer is Edmond MotoPhoto; 1712 E 2nd St., Edmond, OK 73034, 348-5509.

How are recreational teams formed?

Each season, registrations are collected and sorted by school district, neighborhood, church group, friends, etc. Age Group Coordinators follow the club-approved guidelines for forming teams. Returning players have first choice for their previous team (provided the registration is submitted before the "Late Registration" date). Early registrations have priority over late registrations.

Who do I contact with competitive questions? … rec questions?

The competitive and rec coordinators are the first point of contact. Their contact information is located on the website at the link for “ ESC Board.”

Does my child have coverage if they are injured playing soccer?

Registered players coverage under a limited liability group coverage held by the Oklahoma Soccer Association.

What happens if an official doesn’t show up for my game?

Coaches and parents are asked to take turns being the game official. Notify the Referee Coordinator if this happens.

How long is a season? When are games played? Where do we practice?

Seasons usually span 10 weeks during which at least 8 games are played. Games are played on Saturdays and if on Sunday, no earlier than 1pm. Practices are usually conducted twice a week at available fields and coaches’ homes. After the payment of a seasonal Field Maintenance Fee, and submission of the Field Usage Form, teams may train at the complex.