ESC Service Award Winners: The Moore Family!

The ESC Outstanding Service Award winners for 2013 are Charles, Sharon, Steven, and Myles Moore.  During 2013, they rose to the top of the list as the most active members in the club.  The Moore family can be found at almost any club event pitching in and helping out.  Everybody knows that Steven has spent more time at the club than anyone as a volunteer.  He worked every tournament, spent many hours in the concession stand, and did every job from trash pickup to golf cart driver.  Charles suddenly appears without being asked and he's often the last one to leave during cleanup time. The Moore family is always here to support Myles as he 'gets the job done' on the field on OFC '97.  ESC truly appreciates the contributions the Moore family has given to ESC.  They have made ESC a better place!

The ESC Outstanding Service Award is given to a club or family member, or any neighborhood group in recognition for their distinguished service or contribution to the Edmond Soccer Club. During the past year, they have helped to develop and promote the game of soccer in our community. This individual or group, in the judgment of the Edmond Soccer Club Board of Directors, has made a significant and commendable contribution to the club.

Previous Winners:

1) Matthew Parks
2) Pauline Byars
3) Diane Folks
4)) Jay & Lisa Tippeconnic
5) Rebecca Jackson
6) Albert Aguilar
7) Mike Casillo
8) Lori Short